Readings, Book Signings, & Literary Adventures
Always a treat to make person-to-person contact with people who care about books. Photos here show a few highlights from recent years.

With my publisher of "Tales from the Heart of Haiti," the remarkable Fequiere Vilsaint in 2010. In 2015, he was among the first distinguished members of Haiti's new Kreyol Academy.
Miami Book Fair, 2010. What a treat!

What an honor to present the Award for Excellence of the Haitian Studies Asso to Yanick Lahens. (Kingston, Jamaica, 2011). In 2014, Lahens won the prestigious Prix Femina in France for her novel, "Bain de Lune."
Enjoyed being a part of the Schweitzer Centennial Colloquium of the French Schweitzer Asso - Gunsbach, France, 2013.

Celebrated the Schweitzer Centennial stateside by sharing the stage with my husband Dr. Hans-Peter Muller at the Camden Public Library in Maine. May 2013
My first full-length talk and book-signing related to my Helene Schweitzer biography took place at the Camden Public Library (Maine) May 26, 2015. This library sponsors hundreds of books talks every year.

Enjoyed an evening in Boston on June 2, 2015, with the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.
BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS in Lausanne, Switzerland, in June 2015, was a delightful venue for my first reading/book signing of my Helene Schweitzer biography on "the other side of the pond."

Celebrating "Helene Schweitzer: A Life of Her Own" with my Anglophone Coffee Group in Thun, Switzerland. August 2015.
"Writing Our Lives: Autobiography & Biography" with Susan Tiberghien, moderated by Matthew Wake, at Le Livre sur les Quais in Morges, Switzerland. September 2015.

With Tessa Hadley and Susan Tiberghien in Morges, 2015.
Helene Schweitzer arrives! After four years of work in five countries, it was great to greet her in Maine. May 2015

In the Winners' Circle at the Geneva Writers' Group Literary Awards, June 10, 2017: 2nd Place for Nonfiction for "This Wave in the Mind," judged by Nick Barlay... and published in The Critical Flame that summer.
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