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Selected Writings Available Online
"This Wave in the Mind" in The Critical Flame, July/August 2017. This personal essay recalling a day on a Maine island is overlaid with reflections on Virginia Woolf's novel "To the Lighthouse." Both are elegies of a kind.

"Inventing A Nation: Jacques Roumain and Kreyol" in The Critical Flame, November 2016 - In an issue devoted to translation, I discuss how Roumain dealt with "language politics" in his first novel, LA MONTAGNE ENSORCÉLÉE (1931).

"C.F. Ramuz's BEAUTY ON EARTH" in Asymptote, April 2016 - An essay and review of Michelle Bailat-Jones's Translation, published by Onesuch Press in 2013. This critical essay focuses on the ever-relevant theme of 'otherness' as it engages with the first professional translation of this important Swiss novel.

"A Taste of Immortality: The Post-Earthquake Haitian Novel" in The Critical Flame, November 2015.
Selected for "Daily Best" list on The Literary Hub - November 10, 2015

"Unmasking a Myth through the Art of Biography" focuses on the feminist perspective I bring to the life story of Helene Schweitzer. This essay appeared on the Women's Review of Books Blog (June 2015)

"In Another Country with Michelle Bailat-Jones," a book review of FOG ISLAND MOUNTAINS, a beautiful debut novel set on Kyushu Island in Japan. The Critical Flame (May 2015)

"The Magical World of Haitian Literature: A Primer" in Necessary Fiction, January 2015. This introduction to Haitian Lit includes a list of highly recommended novels available in English as well as a few suggestions to French>English translators for significant Haitian novels that deserve to be translated.

Article above on Haitian Literature also published in Italian in the Italian literary journal GRAFIAS (May 2015):

"Helene Schweitzer Bresslau (1879—1957): Albert Schweitzer’s Wife, Colleague, and 'Most Loyal Friend,'" a brief summary of a remarkable woman (October 2014):

"Helene Schweitzer -- Une Femme en mouvment," a paper I delivered at a colloquium commemorating the centennial of the founding of the Schweitzer Hospital sponsored by the French Schweizter Association and held in Gunsbach, France, March 2013.

"On Writing the Travel Essay": Tips on how to lift your travel experience from reportage to memorable writing. The Writer Magazine. (March 2012)

"In Perpetual Revolt." a review of a Haitian classic, LOVE, ANGER, MADNESS: A HAITIAN TRILOGY by Marie Vieux-Chauvet recently translated into English (for the first time) by Rose-Myriam Rejouis and Val Vinokur. Women's Review of Books (March/April 2010)

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